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Take your CTE marketing efforts
to new heights

Take your CTE marketing efforts to new heights

Get the ultimate CTE website and marketing support to engage students, parents and the local community.

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We worked with CTE staff to develop a feature-rich website and marketing tools designed specifically for CTE programs.

Graduate Pathways is a CTE marketing team embedded inside Epic Notion, an award-winning marketing agency in Charlotte NC. We are proud to share in your mission to raise awareness and support for CTE programs nationwide.

A great user experience

Websites built specifically for CTE programs

CTE managers like you helped us craft the best CTE website solution. And with our menu of optional add-ons, you get all the features you want and none of the ones you don’t.

Engaging content and graphics

Marketing materials to promote your CTE program.

Gain exclusive access to a self-service library full of customizable marketing materials including ebooks, social media posts, blogs, infographics, videos and more. With new assets added every month, it’s never been easier to promote your CTE program.

A helping hand if you need it

Turnkey marketing support from our team.

Whether you need a hand with marketing strategy or assistance using the self-service library, our team of marketers and creatives are ready to help. 

Flexible pricing and billing options

Only pay for the features and services you need.  Add more features anytime you want. Monthly, quarterly and annual billing options.

"Our website was beautifully designed and matched our district branding guide, plus we were able to add elements that gave it a unique personality reflective of our team and culture. And the team at Graduate Pathways has been extremely responsive and open to our ideas, which created a great feeling of partnership."

Reno Palombit

CTE Director, Johnston County Public Schools

Work with a marketing team that shares your passion

After spending 15 years in the building industry, I saw firsthand how skilled labor shortages are negatively impacting the trades and the industries they support. In addition, we all have family and friends in secondary and post-secondary education and are aware of the challenges they face when trying to engage the next generation.

These experiences and relationships opened my eyes to the importance of educating students and their parents about the immense opportunities that exist in the trades. As the Founder and President of Epic Notion, a full service marketing agency located in Charlotte, I found myself in a unique situation to make a positive difference with Graduate Pathways.

Graduate Pathways is a dedicated marketing team embedded inside Epic Notion. The sole purpose of this team is to support CTE programs in their mission to present parents and students with career and technical education opportunities. We are honored to be an active participant in this cause and are committed to putting forth the best CTE marketing solutions possible.

We invite you to contact us to discuss how we can help your CTE program.

Scott Long

Epic Notion & Graduate Pathways